The talented women that are reintroducing me to poetry

The last few weeks have been crazy busy especially with my dreaded dissertation and I have been feeling all sorts of emotions – not to mention boredom and being forced to take a step back from my first love (books if you don’t already know). It’s been a tough few weeks basically!

But I found solace in the unlikeliest of places; Instagram. Which is suprising because you can spend a lot of time of on social media feeling shit about your self and comparing yourself to others and generally feeling crappy about yourself – trying to measure up to the completely bogus standards of wealth, beauty, success and ‘normality’ set up around us (rant over). So when I come across accounts like  Ena Ganguly, Maza-Dohta (Pavana Reddy) and Harman Kaurs I really get excited. I love the way in which these woman are reclaiming their Voice among all the noise and the way in which they unapologetically practice the personal is political motto.

They are helping me discover poetry. A form of writing I have shied away from and could never really get into. Mainly because at school you’re forced to read Wordsworth and Shakespeare and the other guy that wrote about daffodils and rolling hills etc. Who have their own merits, I’m sure, but someone told me that poetry is supposed to ‘speak to you’ and I really didn’t get what these men were trying to tell me. But when I came across these women poets of colour on Instagram I felt like they were reading my mind! 

I’m will let their work speak for itself;

Check them out on Instagram!


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