#WriteYourResistance: Plans for My Upcoming Anti-Trump Blog Feature

This very apt photo is from : Zamirbhimji

So I have to own up and say that I have been hiding from the news and Trump’s daily debacles. I have retreated into my mind, into books or into Netflix to avoid what is happening in the world right now because I feel like IS THIS SHIT FOR REAL?

Sadly, it is. I feel like we are heading for a train wreck that everyone can see but can’t stop. Reading this article that tells us what happens when a narcissist gets into power sent chills down my spine.

But I have been heartened by the activism and energy of the literary and book blogging community, from #WriteYourResistance to Malory Blackman refusing to set foot in the US till the ban is in action and indie publishing houses taking a stance[1]. So I’ve decided to come out of my hiding place and fight the Trump non-sense and maintain my sanity by doing what I do best; READING!

My plan is to read books from the countries that Trump has ‘banned’ and review them on my blog. Book Riot started me off with their list of recommendations I hope to do some research and add to this. But it’s pretty hard to reach these literary cultures sitting from my room in London so please add your recommendations in the comments section below or on your own blog and let me know!



[1] The publishing house Comma Press has announced it will only translate authors from Trump’s banned list



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