Summer Reading: July TBR

Summer is FINALLY here and I couldn’t be happier. I’m looking forward to spending the longer days lying in the sunshine reading and napping. Like a cat.

For my first month back into blogging, I’ve decided to focus on a genre that has been pretty hot in the media recently; Dystopia. Not least because it feels like we are living in one! I’m excited to explore the intersection of women in dystopian setting and whether the worlds created are feminist or not. Here are the two books i’ll be focusing on this month:


The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood has had somewhat of a revival recently, thanks to the TV series. I will be re-reading handmaid’s tale this July and super excited since the last time I read it I was 15!

screenshot_20180621-2145354244111533867309322.jpgIsland of Lost Girls by Manjula Padmanabhan

Island of Lost Girls is a sci-fi dystopia that has been on my TBR list forever. The story follows a young girl, Meiji’s journey  to the Island of Lost girls, a refuge for women and girls that have escaped a brutal post-apocalyptic world.  What makes Meiji unique though is that she comes from a nation that has exterminated its entire female population! (Dark. I know).




    1. It was an interesting concept but not very well executed in the end. Took me forever to read! I would read her other short story collections which are much more digestable 🙂


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