Blog Update: New Goals

Hi All!

Its been a while!

The first half of 2018 has been pretty full on for me, with lots of change in my personal ad professional life. Writing for this blog, reading  and keeping up with social media whilst doing my full time job really burnt me out – I don’t know how all you amazing book bloggers out there do it! I often felt pretty overwhelmed by it all and soon felt pretty paralysed by it too. So I took a break from blogging, social media and even reading (believe it or not) and have finally decided to dip my toes back into it.

After almost a 6 month hiatus I am now back on track! In between denying real life and watching the world fall apart (read Trumpocalypse and other bullshit) I have managed to do brainstorming about the blog. Above all I still believe in and will be continuing to read, review and promote diverse world literature. But to make my life easier I am making some changes that will bring some structure to the blog.

  • Monthly TBR Post: To hold my self accountable I will be posting monthly TBR lists. I’m hoping this will keep me focused an stop me from buying a hundred books that i will never get around to reading!
  • Monthly Theme: Secondly, after dabbling in the ‘more is better’ method of content production I have decided that actually minimalism is more of my vibe. Rather than trying to churn out a book review per week I will be writing one piece of content per month. I will be dialling it back to the old days of long form writing, with one book review or discussion per month focusing on one specific topic.
  • Indie Bookstore of the Month and finally I will also be featuring an independent book shop of the month post, sharing with you the love of my indie books and indie bookshops in London!

Until next time bookworms!




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