About Me

Hello world! My name is Manasa and this blog is not about chai tea latte.

It is, however, a space for me to talk about issues I am passionate about; representation, cultural appropriation, feminism and the realest truth that post-colonialism is  (shock, horror). Since starting my masters as LSE I have been thinking about these issues A LOT.  Mainly because I have to write essays about them but also because I feel like these issues are important and ever-present.

So this blog is a space for me to try and find some hope in all the pessimism. I want to find and engage with people and projects that are changing the game and bringing some light into the darkness!

Mainly though, it’ll be me rambling about books I love, Instagram accounts I stalk and people I have intellectual crushes on.

Read, comment and share.


🙂 Manasa



    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 so glad you’re liking the blog, I will check yours out too. I’m just graduated with a masters in media and communication! And yes, it’s been hard to find UK based bloggers, everything happens in America I feel…


  1. Hi Manasa,

    Congratulations on your recent graduation! Your blog looks fantastic, I’m really feeling the themes you’re passionate about and look forward to your coming posts.

    I was wondering if you do reviews? I’d love to get in touch with you about my book God Smites and Other Muslim Girl Problems. It comes from the same place as your blog: a sense that there are so many heavy issues, but wanting to address them with a sense of hope, happiness and humour in life. Looking forward to getting in touch,


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  2. Hi Manasa! I am glad to have discovered your blog. And I look forward to reading more posts. Even if they are going to be about ‘chai’, I would love to read it. 🙂

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