London Bookshops to Love

Bookshops are the best. I can spend hours, weeks and days browsing books! As part of my 2018 ‘New Year New Me’ (commence eye roll) strategy I plan to visit as many bookshops as  I can in London. My plan is to share them with you here, so here a list of begins the list of bookshops I have stumbled upon and fell in Love with:

Word on the Water

This is a lovely quaint bookstore on a boat. Yes. An actual boat! The mobile shop houses an eclectic collection of books some old some new. There is a cosy seating area inside and woodfire burning in winter. At the moment (Oct 2017) the shop is moored at near King Cross, at the Granary Square but always check their Facebook page to see,  just in case they have moved!

I bought these two lovely books when I popped in last month!

Daunt Books

Established in 1990, Daunt book is a quintessential British bookshop! There are a couple of store across London by the Marylebone store is my favourite and regular. Spread across three levels this store is stocked wall to wall with books and mahogany. And the best thing about this store is that book at categorised according to geography – you can spend the whole day on a world tour just by browsing the shelves!


Daunt Book, Marlybone