Comix Creatrix: Telling ‘Her-story’ Through Comics

I recently stepped into the wonderous world of graphic novels and comics at Comix Creatrix –  an  exhibit that is running till the 15th of May 2016 at the House of Illustration in London. The Comix Creatrix project aims to tell the ‘Her-story’ of the industry by displaying the works of female graphic novelists and artists from around the world.

With a hundred artists on display I could go on forever describing their work and its subtle yet powerful impact but I have restricted myself to a few pieces that stuck out to me personally. Like Jacky Flemings work in her book ‘The Trouble with Women (2015). With satirical captions like, “In the Olden Days there were no women, which is why you don’t come across them in history lessons at school” Continue reading